Plate Tamper 500 lb

Plate Tamper 500 lb BPU3750
4 Hours$80
Weekend (Sat/Sun)$120

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Wacker BPU3750

These low profile units feature standard extension plates providing adjustable operating widths.
Variable forward and reverse travel for flexible applications: perfect for compaction in trenches and large areas as well as for vibration of interlocking medium-sized paving stones.

BPU 3750A

Operating weight  lb529

Centrifugal force  lbf8318

Base plate thickness  in0.4

Height (without guide handle) in29.4

Operating height Adjustable Guide Handle - Down in36.8

Operating height Adjustable Guide Handle - Up in51.3

Operating width  in19.7

Frequency  Hz90

Advance travel (depending on soil and environmental factors) ft/min82

Surface capacity (depending on soil and environmental factors) ft²/h8073

Gradeability (depending on soil and environmental factors) %30

Engine / Motor type Air-Cooled, Single Cylinder, 4-Cycle Engine

Engine / Motor manufacturer Honda

Engine / Motor GX270

Displacement  in³16.5

Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046) hp8

at rpm  rpm3600

Fuel consumption  US gal/h0.3

Tank capacity Fuel US qt5.6

Power transmission From Drive Engine via Centrifugal Clutch and V-Belt Directly to Exciter

Fuel type Gasoline