Compact MFWD Tractor w/Loader and Hoe

Compact MFWD Tractor w/Loader and Hoe
Minimum Charge$180
4 Hours$180
Weekend (Sat/Sun)$270
Includes Trailer
Daily Rates are for 8 hours runtime. Weekend Rates are for 12 hours runtime. Hourly rate charged over limit.

A rental product may not be available exactly as shown or listed. All prices, descriptions, and specifications subject to change without notice.

Kubota BX25D

With a purpose-built, spacious, comfortable operator station, the BX25D is designed for serious digging. The backhoe itself features a curved boom, ample legroom, 20° angle of departure and wide sight lines. It’s the perfect tool for everyday tasks as well as tough jobs.
Hitch 2-5/16" Ball
7 pt RV hook-up only
Front bucket is 48" wide
Rear hoe bucket is 12" wide
Diesel fuel only
Capacity of 26 litres of fuel


Height with ROPS in. (mm)95.5 (2425)

Wheelbase in. (mm)45.1 (1145)

Ground clearance (front axle) in. (mm)87.2 (2215)

Turning radius (w/o brake) in. (mm)8.4 (215)

Tractor weight (w/ROPS) feet (m)55.1 (1400 )

Length with 3-point hitch lbs. (kg)36.6 (930)

Tread Front in. (mm)32.2 (820)

Tread Rear in. (mm)7.5 (2.3)

Width in. (mm)1587 (720

Backhoe Specifications

Bucket cylinder digging force lbs. (N)1936 (8610)

Dipperstick cylinder digging force lbs. (N)1171 (5209)

Boom swing mechanism One cylinder

Shipping weight (with 12" bucket) lbs. (kg)607 (275)

Transport height in.(mm)67.7 (1719)

Loading height ft.(mm)5' (1533)

Digging depth ft.(mm)6'1" (1842)

Swing pivot to rear axle center line ft.(mm)28.6 (726)

Reach from swing pivot degrees8'7" (2612)

Bucket rotation degrees180

Swing arc degrees140

Angle of departure in.(mm)20.1

Loader Specifications

Max. lift height (to bucket pivot pin) in.(mm)71.3 (1810)

Dumping clearance in.(mm)52.4 (1330)

Dumping reach at max. lift height in.(mm)26.0 (660)

Maximum dump angle degrees45

Reach with bucket on ground in.(mm)54.7 (1390)

Bucket rollback angle degrees29

Digging depth in.(mm)4.7 (120)

Bucket width in.(mm)48.0 (1219)

Lift capacity (500mm fwd, max. height) lbs. (kg)518 (235)

Lift capacity (pivot pin, max. height) lbs. (kg)992 (4410)

Breakout force (500mm fwd) lbs. (N)3.5 / 2.7

Raising time / lowering time (w/o load) second2.4 / 1.7

Bucket rollback time / dumping time second750 (340)

Tank Capacity6.6 gal [25.0 L]