Heater - Diesel 400K

Heater - Diesel 400K
4 Hours$56
Weekend (Sat/Sun)$84

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Wacker HI400

HI400HD portable indirect fired air heaters produce clean, dry, healthy heat offering an ideal environment for a variety of construction, residential and restoration applications without the use of an open flame, combustion carbons or water.
Large pneumatic tires mean easy positioning on jobsites. The HI400HD is CSA approved.
10 Ga Cord over 100 ft
12 Ga Cord under 100 ft


L x W x H Overall in 84.6 x 34 x 53.3

L x W x H Shipping in 85.8 x 29.1 x 51.8

Weight Dry lb 456

Operating weight with Fuel lb 860

Operating data

Diameter Flue in 6

Diameter Air Outlets (Qty 1) in 20

Diameter Air Outlets (Qty 2) in 16

Diameter Air Outlets (Qty 3) in 12

Heating power Heat Input BTU/h 408,569.60

Heat efficiency % 84

Operating temperature Heat Rise ° F 126

Capacity Sizing Air Heat ft³ 583,538

Capacity Drying Size ft³ 195,007

Runtime h 19.2

Air flow CFM 3,760

Static Pressure W.C. (inch) 0.5

Length Max Duct 1 x 20in Supply ft 100

Length Max Duct 2 x 16in Supply ft 50

Length Max Duct 3 x 12in Supply ft 25

Length Max Duct 1 x 20in Return ft 25

Engine / Motor

Fuel type Diesel #2

Tank capacity Fuel US gal / liters57.1 / 216

Fuel consumption Diesel/LP US gal/h 2.96

Electrical system

Frequency Hz 60

Voltage V 120

Current A 15