Fan - Carpet Dryer

Fan - Carpet Dryer
4 Hours$16
Weekend (Sat/Sun)$24

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3 speeds of air movement for every type of job.
A maximum air movement of 3,000 cfm for rapid drying of carpet and hard floors.
Sturdy, four point motor mount to withstand heavy use and rough handling.
Built-in carpet clip for flood restoration jobs.
Three standing positions to direct air at different angles.


Fan Wheel9.6" (24 cm) diameter X 9.1" (23 cm) wide

Fan Speed High - 1600 rpm, Medium - 1350 rpm, Low - 1050 rpm

Airflow High - 3000 cfm (84 m3/min.), Medium - 2500 cfm (70 m3/min.), Low - 2000 cfm (56 m3/min.)

Width16" (41 cm)

Height18.8" (48 cm)

Length20" (51 cm)

Weight33.5 lbs (15 kg)