Dehumidifier AD85LGR
4 Hours$29
Weekend (Sat/Sun)$42

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Wacker AD85LGR

The AD 85LGR features a 300 CFM blower to efficiently move more humid air through the system, delivering increased air changes per hour.
Electronic controls allow for convenient, quick setup and simple operation with no knobs or buttons that can be easily be damaged in transport or on the job.
The digital hour meter, for recording job times, comes standard with back up battery unit to ensure the meter can be read even if the unit is unplugged.
Twin 5 inch rear vents allow warm, dry, processed air to be vented out or ducted with optional 10 inch layflat or 5 inch sections of ductwork, to aid in drying.


L x W x H 597 x 457 x 934 mm / 23.5 x 18 x 36.75 in

Net weight 45.4 kg / 100 lb

Air flow 510 m³/h / 300 CFM

Operating voltage 115 V

Frequency 60 Hz

Dehumidification power 40.2 l/24h / 85 ppd

Operational range 0.5-40 ° C / 33-104 ° F

Quantity (Blower Speeds)1

Coolant type Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR)