Screed, Power

Screed, Power  Wacker PA35  Wacker PA35
4 Hours$78
Weekend (Sat/Sun)$117

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Wacker PA35

Adjustable eccentric weights can be adjusted to seven different positions allowing the unit's force to be appropriately matched to the application.
Lightweight unit features lifting handle for easy transport.
High production unit for quick and accurate strike-off of concrete slabs with or without the support of grade stakes and forms.


Weight operating31.1 lb [14.1 kg]

Engine / Motor Air-cooled single-cylinder four-cycle gasoline engine

Engine / Motor manufacturer Honda GX35

Displacement 2.2 in³

Engine performance 1.0 (1.3) kW (hp)

at rpm 7,000 rpm

Tank capacity 0.7 liter

Fuel consumption 0.6 l/h

Length machine36.7" [941mm]

Width machine36.7" [941mm]

Weight20.9 lb [9.5 kg]

Length118.1" [3000 mm]

Width6.5" [165 mm]