Flexible Shafts

Flexible Shafts Flexible Shafts Flexible Shafts

On-site vibration of concrete for foundations, walls, columns and slab work. In plant vibration of concrete during the production of pipes, slabs, beams, double T's, columns and walls.

  • High frequency and amplitude of the vibrator head on the Head, Motor, Shaft (HMS) System ensures more complete consolidation of concrete.
  • Integrated quick disconnect couplings on shafts easily connect to all Wacker Neuson motors, offering 62 combinations.
  • Oil resistant reinforced rubber shafts with steel reinforced coils on the quick disconnect end reduces wear and increases shaft life.
SKU LengthWeight Price
SM1E 3 ft, 1000mm3.3 lbs, 1.5 kg $290.00
SM7S 23 ft, 7000mm28.4 lbs, 12.9 kg $695.00
SM5S 16.5 ft, 5000mm20.5 lbs, 9.36 kg $595.00
SM4S 13 ft, 4000mm15.7 lbs, 7.1 kg $495.00
SM3S 10 ft, 3000mm13 lbs, 5.9 kg $415.00
SM2S 6.5 ft, 2000mm9.5 lbs, 4.3 kg $305.00
SM1S 3 ft, 1000mm6 lbs, 2.7 kg $255.00
SMOS 1.5 ft, 500mm2.9 lbs, 1.3 kg $210.00
SM4E 13 ft, 4000mm9.5 lbs, 4.3 kg $495.00
SM2E 6.5 ft, 2000mm5.5 lbs, 2.5 kg $320.00
SM9S 30 ft, 9000mm33.3 lbs, 15.1 kg $915.00

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