Skid Steer Tracked - Terex 104-0325

A rental product may not be available exactly as shown or listed.
All prices, descriptions, and specifications subject to change without notice.

4 Hours$165
Weekend (Sat/Sun)$270

Daily rates are for 8 hours, hourly rate will be charged for time over 8 hours per day.

Brands: Terex PT-30

Compact and maneuverable, ideal for productive work even in tight situations where access is limited.
Easy operation with pilot-operated joystick controls and comfortable
operator’s station.


Operating weight1,635 kg
Shipping weight1,475 kg
Ground Pressure @ operating weight0.21 kg/cm2
Tipping Load862 kg
Operating capacity, 50% tipping load431 kg
Operating capacity, 35% tipping load302 kg
Travel Speed, maximum9 km/h
Track width280 mm
Length of track on ground1,400 mm
Ground contact area0.76 m2
Fuel tank38 l
Hydraulic tank30 l
Engine coolant/antifreeze6 l
Engine oil, including fi lter6 l