Lithium-ion battery tools for small outdoor spaces, city sized backyards and small gardens.
STIHL lithium-ion battery tools will give you precisely the support you need for Keeping your favourite place looking its best. The lithium-ion batteries ensure fast. straightforward handling and provide the right amount of power, making small, spur-of-the-moment jobs on your property, in your backyard or in your garden even easier to complete.

Lithium-ion battery tools for small, medium-sized and larger outdoor spaces, medium-sized properties and gardens.
Your garden is your own very personal project, and the tools you use here need to meet high demands. They need plenty of power, while also being easy to use. The STIHL lithium-ion battery tools with AK replacement batteries offers you precisely this combination. With a flexible range of tools – all offering the usual STIHL quality – you will be ready for any challenge.

Professional grade lithium-ion battery tools for professional applications.
When you're working, maximum power and battery life combined with outstanding handling are essential. A professional cordless product is vital- and not just in noise-sensitive situations. STIHL offers a wide selection of products for professional needs in the professional lithium -ion battery tool range.